News & Media

Orthox’s technology has been featured in national and international television coverage, news publications, academic journals and media interviews that have reached many millions of people around the world affected by, or working to cure, orthopaedic injuries.

Press Releases

TV & Radio

Orthox’s technology has been featured on four international television broadcasts viewed by over 20 million viewers around the world. Orthox founder, Dr Nick Skaer has also been interviewed on national and local radio about the development of FibroFix products. Click on the links below to watch edits from these features and listen to excepts from the BBC radio interviews.

MedTech Innovator | Orthox: One Minute Film

CNN | Spider lessons: How to mend your body with silk

OIC | Orthox: Interview with Founder & CEO Nick Skaer

CNBC | World Business: Orthox – Using Nature’s Solutions

BBC1 | The One Show: Orthox

Euronews | Innovation: The Silk Solution


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