Simple to use, affordable to provide, life-changing to receive: Our FibroFix™ products are designed with surgeons, healthcare providers and, most importantly patients, in mind

FibroFix™ Cartilage

FibroFix™ Cartilage implants act as both an immediate functional replacement for the damaged cartilage tissue and a long term regenerative repair solution. Following a simple, single step, “minimally invasive” surgery to implant FibroFix™, its inherent strength and robust, resilient properties will enable patients to resume normal activity more rapidly.

FibroFix™ Technology

Orthox have developed and patented proprietary processes for extracting and purifying Fibroin protein from silk fibres and forming it into FibroFix™ biomaterial implants. Fibroin protein is the structural component of silk fibres and gives silk its renowned mechanical strength. Fibroin is also similar to proteins found in the extra-cellular matrix of the human body, including those found in healthy cartilage tissue.