FibroFix™ Cartilage

Immediate restoration of function supported by long term tissue regeneration

FibroFix™ Cartilage – Preventing Joint Replacement

FibroFix™ Cartilage has been designed to treat serious injuries to the smooth, resilient, articular cartilage which covers and protects the ends of bones allowing our joints to articulate smoothly. With its demanding mechanical function, cartilage is frequently damaged, and with a poor capacity to heal by itself, cartilage defects often deepen leading to the onset of osteoarthritis and exposure of the underlying bone. This intensifies the abrasion, inflammation and pain and ultimately major joint replacement surgery may be required. Orthox aims to transform the way in which cartilage injuries are treated, repairing damage before it spreads and restoring cartilage function. With our lead focus on the most frequently injured joint, the knee, Orthox’s ambition is to develop FibroFix™ implants for all the major joints in the body.

Simple surgery

FibroFix™ Cartilage is an “off-the-shelf” implant that is stored and inserted by the surgeon in a dry condition. In a minimally invasive procedure, using Orthox’s custom surgical instruments, the damaged cartilage is removed and the implantation site prepared. Once in place, the dry, porous, structure of FibroFix™ Cartilage rapidly absorbs body fluids, rehydrating the implant and loading it with the cells and biologic factors required to kick-start tissue regeneration.

Patented self-anchoring implantation

As FibroFix™ Cartilage rehydrates in the implantation site, compressed anchoring pegs on the underside swell, and lock into the underlying bone. This provides firm, stable fixation without the need for sutures, screws or other traditional anchoring strategies, leading to a shorter, simpler and less expensive surgery.

Rapid return to normal activity

Within minutes of implantation, the rehydrated FibroFix™ Cartilage implant acquires the resilient, robust, low friction, physical properties characteristic of the surrounding cartilage tissue, enabling immediate post-operative functionality. Because it possesses exceptional strength and a self-lubricating capability FibroFix™ Cartilage enables surgeons to ‘resurface’ the articular cartilage defect, even in larger and more advanced lesions. The implant’s smooth surface replicates the articulating function of the missing tissue, while the porous architecture allows new tissue to infiltrate from the underlying bone and surrounding undamaged cartilage. With its benchmark mechanical strength and resilience, FibroFix™ assumes the function of the damaged cartilage enabling a swift, pain-free return to normal activity for the patient which supported by tissue regeneration will result in a long-lasting durable repair.

For investigational use only, not approved for sale.